Eurosilicone Products

Eurosilicone is Europe’s leading manufacturer of breast implants. We supply thousands of implants every year, changing lives around the globe.

Round Collection

Round implants in 11 different configurations with 219 variations. Your surgeon can help you choose from soft or natural cohesive gel, smooth or textured surface – again, with our 360 Degree Barrier Layer.

11 different configurations with 219 variations
5 variable projections
Shell: Smooth or Cristalline Microtextured
Silicone gel: Soft Cohesive or Natural Cohesive
Paragel 360° Barrier Layer



Body & Facial Implants

Our range expands beyond breast implants – we also offer implants for calf and gluteus, to reconstruct testicles, plus nasal, malar and chin implants.

Silicone gel-filled gluteus implants in Smooth shell, Round or Anatomical configurations
Silicone gel-filled calf implants available in Symmetrical and Asymmetrical configurations
Silicone gel-filled testicular implants available in 5 different sizes
Nasal, malar and chin implants comes in solid silicone elastomer shapes